We own green and open space across the Borough however we aren't responsible for everything in Gravesham.

Grass cutting

Most grass areas generally receive eight cuts a year, between March and October. As grass mowing is weather dependent, we cannot provide specific dates of when cuts take place.

Larger grass areas in our main parks generally receive 12 cuts a year.

Request grass cutting


If there are leaves on the roads and pavements and they are causing a hazard then you'll need to speak to us to get this cleared.

Report hazardous leaves


We are not responsible for weeds growing at the roadside or on pavements; complaints should be directed to Kent County Council for weed spraying.

Once the weeds are dead we are responsible for removing them.

In summary: if the weeds are green you need to report them to Kent County Council. If they are brown after being sprayed, let us know and we'll remove them.