Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of waste or rubbish. Anything more than a single sack of rubbish is classed as fly-tipping. Anyone fly-tipping waste is committing a serious offence and may be fined or in some cases sent to prison.

Where fly-tipping involves the use of a vehicle, the driver can be prosecuted, as can the person who owns the vehicle.

We clear fly-tipping from the highway and council owned land. We are not responsible for clearing fly-tipping from private land, although we can still investigate and take action against the offender.

Report fly-tipping

If you see someone fly-tipping or would like to report where fly-tipping has taken place, please take note of:

  • The date, time and location
  • What the waste consists of and how much (provide photos if you can)
  • A description of any vehicles involved and the registration number
  • A description of any involved persons

You can report fly-tipping by completing the online form. If you have previously reported this matter and it has not been cleared within a reasonable time, please do not submit a further report. Instead, email and include your original reference number so they can investigate.

You can phone customer services on 01474 337000 if you require extra assistance in completing the form.

What happens next

If we are able to investigate the offence, a member of the Environmental Enforcement Team will be in contact with you and unless the items are on private land we will arrange for clearance by our Waste Management Unit.

Action against fly-tipping

We treat fly-tipping seriously. Fly tipping impacts upon our  environment and it costs council taxpayers a huge amount to remove and safely dispose of. Our Environmental Enforcement Team are working hard across the borough. They also work with partner agencies and other local authorities to investigate and prosecute fly tipping. If you are caught fly-tipping you may be fined up to £50,000 and/or sentenced to six months’ imprisonment.


We have a duty to clear litter from public places, such as town centre, streets, parks, playgrounds and pedestrian areas. Our street cleaning team is playing a part in getting our borough clean and tidy. We have a team of workers who work throughout the borough on a daily basis clearing litter. They clean the following areas:

  • The town centre every day of the week
  • Local shopping parades every Monday to Saturday
  • Main roads at least once a week
  • Residential streets are litter picked either weekly or fortnightly the working day after refuse collection

Report littering

You can report litter to our cleansing team using our online form

We are not responsible for:

  • Clearing private land including alleys, although we can take action against landowners
  • Maintenance of roads and footpaths for example potholes or cracked slabs
  • Spraying of weeds or maintenance of trees in the road or on footpaths.

For these you'll need to contact Kent County Council and use their reporting tool.

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