Estate Management

Caretakers are responsible for our council-managed estates. They work hard to ensure they are maintained and cleaned to an acceptable standard. This is done by:

  • Inspecting and sweep all play areas
  • Sweep and mop shared halls, porches, landings and stairs, and remove any graffiti or other marks
  • Clean the inside windows on all shared doors, landings and staircases
  • Clean, sweep and mop all lift floors, walls and doors inside and outside where possible, and remove any graffiti
  • Check and clear blocked rubbish chutes
  • Sweep all estate paths and parking areas
  • Check grassed and shrubbed areas, removing litter and leaves
  • Check estate lighting, change bulbs and clean low level light shades as necessary, and report faults to the Repairs Team
  • Remove large items of rubbish from our estates where possible, or report them to the Waste Team
  • Make sure that all of our caretakers are trained to British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICS) standards
  • Train all our caretakers in how to carry out their duties safely and effectively
  • Provide our caretakers with the proper tools, equipment and materials to carry out their duties to a high standard
  • Arrange inspections every month to monitor and record the standards of service our caretakers provide
  • Produce information about the number of inspections we have completed and the standards achieved, along with our resident’s comments.

If we do not meet our commitments, the council will:

  • Give our residents the relevant name and contact details if they want to comment on any areas of our estate service that they feel we are not meeting
  • Reply to any comments as soon as possible, and bring our service back up to the expected standard within five working days when possible
  • Investigate all complaints and reply in writing within 10 working days.
  • Regularly review our systems and practices to make sure they meet our customers’ needs.

We will implement detailed procedures and agreed practices uniformly across the service. We will ensure that staff is given the necessary training to deliver estate management services.