If you are thinking about gating an alleyway, what you need to do will depend on whether it is privately owned or owned by us or KCC.

Alleyway owned by us

The council does not have financial resources to gate alleyways, but if you have any problems please report them to us on 01474 337000 or by emailing customer.services@gravesham.gov.uk

Alleyway owned by Kent County Council

The alleyway may be a public right of way therefore, please contact Kent County Council directly on 03000 414141 or visit KCC's website.

Privately owned alleyway

Gating will need to be arranged independently by the residents concerned. Privately owned alleyways are usually marked or reference made to them on the title deeds of the properties adjoining it or whose rear gardens/sheds/garages may be accessed via the alleyway.

It is recommended that you provide all residents and legitimate users of the alleyway with a formal written consultation (e.g. a letter) that explains why you would like to gate the alleyway. The letter should ask residents to confirm that they are in agreement with the gating. make sure to keep a record of who you have sent letters to and the responses received.

If residents are all in agreement this will need to be formalised through legal arrangements. Contact our planning department to check whether you need to make a formal planning application as this may be necessary depending on the height/type of gating that you would like to install. You should also contact Kent Fire & Rescue Service to ensure no fire regulations are being compromised.

There has to be unanimous approval for the gating from residents who will be affected. If anyone opposes it, it will be difficult to achieve. All residents need to agree on type of gating, type of lock, and whether access points will be locked at all times or only between certain times.

PLEASE NOTE: The Council does not have funding to support gating schemes and if the alleyway is privately owned all arrangements will need to be made and costs met by residents themselves.