Public space protection orders (PSPO) are put in place to deal with problems in a particular area that may cause nuisance or detriment to the quality of life. 

Failure to comply with a PSPO may result in a fixed penalty notice being issued by an authorised officer.

Current PSPOs 

Alcohol control

This PSPO imposes a no alcohol zone in public spaces in the town centre (unless within a public house or licensed premises) as identified in the map within the Public Space Protection Order.

It came into force on 1 December 2020 for a period of 3 years. 

More detail can be found in the Town Centre Public Space Protection Order.

Dog fouling

The whole of the borough of Gravesham is covered by a PSPO for fouling except for land used for agriculture, rural common land, Jeskyns Park, highways with a speed limit of 50mph or more and most private land.

It is a legal requirement for the person in charge of a dog to pick up after them and remove any fouling by putting it in a bin or taking it home and disposing of it in normal refuse.

To view more detail please view Dog Fouling Public Space Protection Order.