Our local land charge search provides information about any conditions or restrictions which may potentially limit the use of a land or property or any financial liability against the same.

You will need to carry out a search if you are purchasing a property.

We are responsible for maintaining the Local Land Charges Register, and for disclosing that information to anyone who requests it, so you will need to submit a search request to us.

Official searches

LLC1 Local Land Charges Search. A search of the Local Land Charges Register. Shows local land charges affecting land or property. For example, planning decisions, tree preservation orders, listed building status, and enforcement notices. This costs £30 per address.

Con29 Local Authority Search. Provides standard search responses on things such as planning, highways and environmental. Covers items that are in existence or that are being considered or awaiting approval. This costs £132 per residential address, and £240 per commercial address.

Personal Searches

Free inspection at the Civic Centre, Windmill Street, Gravesend. You'll need at least a basic knowledge of the Local Land Charges rules as these types of search are carried out independently with no help from our staff. Request an appointment using our online form. Personal search appointment times are 10am to 11.30am and 2.15pm to 3.45pm Mon –Wed and 10am-12 noon Thursday.

Please note that a Personal Search carries no legal liability and you should therefore contact your mortgage lender to confirm that they will accept you carrying your search out in this way.

Normally a separate search should be made, and the fee paid in respect of each individual property or piece of land. However, a search may cover more than one 'parcel' when it is required for the purposes of one single transaction and the parcels have a common boundary or are separated only by a road, railway, river, stream or canal.

In addition to a Personal search of the Local Land Charges Register; the following information (in accordance with the questions on Con29) can be obtained in the following ways: 

Planning Decisions and Pending Applications

  • The Planning Register is available through the Council’s Public Access System. This is currently being updated and may not necessarily have the complete history.
  • Those wishing to access the planning register can come to the Civic Centre to seek advice from the Planning Department of Gravesham Borough Council Please call 01474 337391 for an appointment
  • LLC can supply a tailored reply for £2.40 (inc VAT) per property

Heritage Partnership Agreement and Consent Orders for Listed/Locally Listed Buildings

  • This information is available through the Planning Department
  • LLC can supply a tailored reply for £1.80 (inc VAT) per question per Property

Building Regulation Decisions and Pending Applications

  • Applicants can obtain information from 1 October 2007 onwards direct from the STG Building Control Partnership, Foord Annex, Eastgate House, High Street, Rochester, Kent, ME1 1EW Tel: 01634 331133
  • LLC can supply a tailored reply, for £3.60 (inc VAT) per question, per property (total £10.80 inc VAT per property), this may include some older building applications

Planning Designations and Proposals

  • Applicants can research the information themselves free of charge through the Gravesham Borough Council website.
  • Major scheme applications can be found by carrying out a spatial search on the planning public access site
  • Free access to the Local Plans will be provided at your appointment
  • LLC can provide a tailored reply for a fee of £1.80 (inc VAT) per property

Road, traffic schemes and highway notices

  • Information can be obtained directly from Kent Highway Services. The applicant can contact Highway Definition Team Leader, Ashford Highway Depot, 4 Javelin Way,Henwood Industrial Estate, Ashford, Kent, TN24 8AD Tel:03000 418181 or email con29searches@kent.gov.uk
  • A list of adopted highway is available free on the Kent County Council Website, www.kent.gov.uk otherwise the fee for the Road status and Road/Traffic scheme enquiry can be obtained from KHS direct. For Information regarding other pending traffic schemes please contact Parking Services at Gravesham Borough Council

Land Required for Public Purposes or to be acquired for road works

  • Maps of Crossrail and The Channel Tunnel Rail Link are available free for your perusal at your appointment
  • Land charges can supply a tailored reply at £1.80 (inc VAT) for each question,per property

Nearby railway schemes

  • Any rail scheme plans will be available free of charge at your appointment
  • A tailored reply can be provided by Land Charges at a fee of £1.80 (inc VAT), per question, per property

Outstanding Notices

Each department can be contacted direct for information. For details on booking procedures and fees please contact

  • Private housing 01474337331
  • Environmental Health 01474 337183

Land Charges can supply a tailored response for a fee of £2.16 (inc VAT) per question per property (with the exception of highways). 

Contravention of building regulations

For direct information, fees and appointment procedures please contact STG Building Control Partnership or email building@stgbc.org.uk

Land Charges can supply tailored information for a fee of £2.40 (inc VAT), per property

Drainage searches

Water and drainages searches CON29DW should be sent to Southern Water. For information about this service please visit Southern Water's website

Deeds and boundaries

Find out more about queries relating to deeds, boundaries or private ownership on GOV.UK 

Commons Land Registration and Village Greens

These searches are dealt with by Kent County Council, but requests are made as part of a search and should be submitted via question 22 on the form Con29O through the local authority.

Copies of land charges documents

You can contact the Local Land Charges Section by telephone 01474 337245 or 01474 337462. Or alternatively by emailing land.charges@gravesham.gov.uk

How to apply

Using our online form, you can order any of the above search requests, or purchase additional and optional enquiries if required and optional enquiries, including the Commons Land and Village Green question. At the end of the form we'll ask you to pay by debit or credit card, so please have your card details to hand.

Alternatively, if you'd like to arrange a free inspection, you can use the below form to request an appointment. We'll ask you for:

  • the property address to be searched
  • your personal details, including contact details
  • a copy of the property plan