You can manage your details and permits via your online parking permit account including:

  • Changing your vehicle (you will need to upload evidence for your new vehicle)
  • Renewal of your permit
  • Transferring your permit to a courtesy vehicle (you will need to upload a copy of the hire/lease agreement)
  • Managing visitor permits (where applicable depending on your permit type)

If you don't have an account and want to apply for a new permit or read more about parking restrictions where you live, please use our street search where you can find your parking permit zone and begin the application process.

How do I change the vehicle registration on my permit?

If you have an existing permit, you can change it to another vehicle if you either change vehicles during the life of your permit or have a courtesy vehicle whilst your vehicle is in for repair. Any vehicle changes reflect instantly and some permit types will require vehicle documentation to be provided - if documents are required for your permit type, the vehicle change confirmation email will detail what is needed. If documents are required, you will automatically be asked to provide a copy of the vehicle log book/V5C - for courtesy vehicles, in place of vehicle log books/V5Cs you will be required to provide a copy of the vehicle hire agreement. Note for courtesy vehicles: you’ll need to remember to change your vehicle registration back, once you return to your normal vehicle.

To amend an existing vehicle registration, please sign into your account below and visit the ‘my permits’ section of your account. Next to the permit that you need to amend, you will find a green car button – please select this and follow the steps on screen to amend the vehicle registration.

Please do not create more than one account per person. If you have changed your email address and need to amend this, you can make this change within your account under the ‘my details’ section. Creating more than one account per resident will result in delays processing your application and will result in the cancellation of any existing permits/accounts to accommodate the new account.

Manage your permit account