Investigation process

An enforcement officer will visit the site, the owner/occupier will be interviewed where possible, and relevant details of the alleged breach will be recorded.

Following the visit the complainant will be advised if a breach of planning control has been established and if so what action we will take. The identity of the complainant will not be disclosed at any stage. If you have submitted a report online for a suspected breach, you will be told of the outcome. Please make sure you leave us an email address when you submit your report.

Formal action of an Enforcement Notice is only taken as a last resort and we will do our best to resolve any breaches by way of negotiation, and by encouraging submission of a planning application where considered appropriate.

We have a legal right to enter land to investigate any reported breaches. We will write to the occupier or landowner if a breach of control is believed to have happened and ask them to remedy the breach voluntarily, in an agreed timescale.

Where possible, we prefer to negotiate rather than take enforcement action, as this can be time consuming and often has costly appeals or prosecution proceedings.