Request advice

Before you request advice, please ensure you have the required information. You must provide the minimum level of information set out in the online form to ensure that timely advice can be given. This includes details about your proposal such as what you plan to build, how the land will be used and any plans outlining this.

For large-scale development, they are likely to require a planning performance agreement and will be priced on application.

A Planning Performance Agreement Charter is being developed and will be consulted on in due course.

To request pre-application advice, please complete our online form.

If you live or have a business in the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation's area, the Corporation provides the pre-application advice service in that area.

What happens next?

We aim to validate your application within ten working days and may contact you if we need further information.

Once valid, the enquiry will be allocated to a case officer who will endeavour to provide a written response within  eight weeks for a pre-application enquiry for a non-major application. The timescale for responding to a pre-application for major development will vary and will be subject to the scale and quality of information submitted and the resources available, for such applications you are encouraged to agree a Planning Performance Agreement with the Council.

Please note that pre-application advice does not constitute a formal decision of the Council, and would not prejudice or amount to pre-determination of any planning application by the Borough Council.

For further information please contact Planning Administration by emailing or by phoning 01474 337391 between the hours of 8:45am and 5pm.