Working in partnership is a key area of focus for local authorities and other public bodies, especially so in consideration of the current wider economic climate and in response to central government requirements.

Partnership working can add many benefits to our delivery of services including better understanding of the needs of the public through shared perspectives, avoidance of duplication, shared skills, knowledge and data, securing additional resources, improved customer satisfaction and support.

Working in partnership with bodies in the private, public or 'third' sectors can be a productive way of achieving more efficient and effective use of resources and there have been a number of initiatives from Government to improve the governance of partnerships locally.

We have developed an approach to partnership working, and have a partnership framework which enables the creation, participation in and scrutinising of partnerships involving the council.

We also maintain a register of our partnerships which outlines key information on our partnership arrangements. The Register will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure it is up-to-date and the final approved version will be made available to this page.