As part of our shared licensing service, you can submit an Interim Authority Notice to Gravesham Borough Council or Medway Council using our online forms.

A premises licence will lapse when:

  • The premises licence holder
    • Has died.
    • Has become mental incapable.
    • Has become insolvent or dissolved.
    • Is no longer entitled to work in the UK.
  • The premises licence is surrendered.

There are two options available to ‘reinstate’ the licence once it has lapsed:

The effect of the Interim Authority Notice is to put in place a premises licence holder for a temporary period of up to 3 months.

The effect of a Transfer of Premises Licence is to put in place a permanent new premises licence holder.

Both application types can only be submitted within the first 28 days from the date the licence lapsed.

If no application is received within this 28 day period, then the premises licence will lapse permanently.