Bee keeping

Allotment tenants have had a long tradition of beekeeping and the recent decline in honey bee numbers is of national and international concern. Gravesham Borough Council is keen to support beekeeping and recognises that honey bees play a critical role in the biodiversity of allotment sites and the wider environment.

Any allotment tenant wishing to keep honey bees must obtain the Council’s permission and is subject to the conditions detailed below. It should be noted that not every plot on every site will be in a suitable location for beekeeping and able to provide adequate screening and distance from fellow allotment tenant.

Procedure for applying to keep bees

  1. Potential beekeepers must consult the local beekeeping association and prepare a site plan for their plot or designated apiary.
  2. Beekeepers are to notify the Council of the intent to keep bees and consult with fellow allotment tenants - see Consultation period in the conditions below.
  3. Potential beekeepers are required to attend a basic beekeeping course.
  4. Complete the application form and return to the Council with the out of hour’s arrangements and letter of support from the association.

Apply for permission to keep honey bees


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