Gravesham vehicles 

Earlier this year we published a revised Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Policy which introduced requirements to support a phased move towards electric vehicles and changes to our MOT and vehicle inspection requirements. 

In summary, from 1st September: 

  1. We will be reinstating the routine ‘pre-licence inspections’ of all vehicles as part of the vehicle licence application processes.  All vehicles will therefore require inspection before a new, renewed, or transferred/temporary vehicle licence will be granted. 
  2. The existing requirement for all vehicles to pass an MOT test every six months starting from their one year anniversary will be replaced with a requirement for all vehicles to: 
    1. Pass an MOT test annually starting from their one year anniversary and  
    2. Pass a ‘Safety and Standards Inspection’ annually at the six-month interval between their annual MOT tests.

For all existing licenced vehicles, the first Safety and Standards Inspection will be due six months after the date when the vehicle was last MOT tested prior to 1 September 2022. 

All such inspections will routinely be carried out by Rosherville Servicing Ltd at the council’s vehicle workshop located at the Brookvale Depot.

Book an inspection

Pre-licence inspections

You can book a pre-licence inspection as part of the application process. When completing your Vehicle Licence application, you will be asked to book an inspection slot at the same time.

View our applications and guidance section for further information

Safety and Standards Inspections

Book a Safety and Standards Inspection

Manage an inspection booking

Amend or cancel an Inspection

Medway vehicles

Upon application and renewal, you will need to have your vehicle inspected by one of Medway Council’s Approved Garages. You will need to contact the garage to book your inspection, pay the relevant inspection fee directly to them when you attend, and present the following documentation to the garage at the time of the inspection:

  • A current insurance certificate for the vehicle with the appropriate type of cover. Spouses must not be named on the insurance for Social, Domestic or Pleasure uses
  • The V5C registration document with the applicants' details as the owner (or the V5C/2 slip or bill of sale along with an alternative proof of ownership until the V5C is available)
  • Meter Certificate (issued by Meter Agent when you have meter calibrated)

You will not need to take an MOT certificate with you as one will be issued by the garage as part of your inspection.

Further details can be found on our vehicle licence - apply or renew page.