Third party portals

Where we choose to feature third party content or functionality on our website, we are responsible for ensuring it meets accessibility standards.

If we have paid for content to be created, or have a contractual relationship with the commissioner, we ensure accessibility guidelines are met as part of contractual obligations.

Where applicable we have done a full audit of all third party portals and provided the software supplier with a breakdown of any outstanding issues.

Below we have listed the third party suppliers we have been working with and an update on our progress.

Granicus govService forms


Description: This platform houses all of our online self-help forms, otherwise known as MyGravesham.

Status: Although largely accessible, there are several issues which are due to be fixed. Some are the responsibility of the software supplier, while some are dependent on individual form design. Over the next year, we will be working our way through our online forms using a combination of automated and manual testing techniques to identify and resolve any outstanding issues.

Adelante payments


Description: This portal is where our residents will go to make an online payment, whether that be directly via the website or at the end of an online form.

Status: The Adelante portal has been extensively tested and signed off as fully accessible by our Digital Team.

Jobsgopublic (JGP)


Description: This portal is used to advertise any job vacancies we have available. Users can view job descriptions and make applications via the JGP website.

Status: The Gravesham specific pages of Jobsgopublic have been extensively tested and signed off as fully accessible. We do not have control over their wider website platform.

Active Housing repairs


Description: This portal is used for our tenants to report and schedule non-emergency repairs via their account.

Status: Supplier has worked on a number of fixes based on testing documentation we provided. This system is now awaiting a thorough re-test after those changes have been made live.

Public Access (planning)


Description: This portal is used to search and comment on planning applications.

Status: We have optimised the existing platform’s accessibility as far as possible. We are expecting a system upgrade later this year where we will be working on accessibility more extensively. (democracy)


Description: This portal houses Councillor information, meeting minutes and agendas.

Status: Work is underway on making this portal fully accessible. We have made as many changes as possible on our end and are now awaiting development from our supplier.

Imperial parking portal


Description: This portal is used for all parking permit transactions/renewals as well as the appeals process for parking fines.

Status: Work is underway on making this portal fully accessible. We are currently awaiting an update from the supplier on how this will fit into their roadmap.

Citizen Access (Revenues and Benefits)


Description: This portal can be used by residents to sign into and manage their council tax and business rates accounts.

Status: We are yet to complete a full audit of this system. We aim to do so by the end of the year.

Google Maps

Description: Google maps are embedded in two pages; for car parks and allotment sites to show where they are located.

Status: We are aware of markup issues with google maps (aria-label) on the location pointers. This means that people using screen readers are not able to see the layout of a form. We are working to resolve this issue but also considering alternative maps for our new website coming in 2022.

Entitled to (Benefits Calculator and Homelessness Prevention Tool)


Description: This portal can be used by residents to find out what benefits they can claim and what support they can receive.

Status: We are aware of several markup issues within the platform (aria-labels and use of <i> tag). We have been working with the supplier and have approved an update to go live. Once live this platform will be fully compliant.

This list was last updated on 03/05/2022.