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6. Corporate Plan

The Corporate Plan sets out our vision for the borough and the actions we are going to take to achieve this.

In October 2015 we adopted our new Corporate Plan. The plan, focussed on 'Delivering for the Community', covers the 2015-19 period of our administration and sets out our vision of a safer, stronger, sustainable Gravesham.

The plan also details a suite of objectives and policy commitments that will shape everything we do and how we go about it over the four year period.

The plan is based on a number of sources; consultation with our community, statistics outlining community needs in the borough and the manifesto pledges of our administration.

Our Objectives

The new plan has developed a clear vision for the borough; a safer, stronger, sustainable Gravesham. Individually, three community focussed objectives each with their own portfolio of activities, but together these are objectives that work with each other for the benefit of local residents.

Given the challenge of ever reduced government funding, in order to be successful in realising our vision each of our core community objectives will be underpinned and delivered by our ambitious final objective; the creation of a sound and self-sufficient council.

  • Safer Gravesham: where local residents and visitors can live, work and travel in a safe, clean and green borough;
  • Stronger Gravesham: a healthier more cohesive community where children have the best start in life and people are proud to call home;
  • Sustainable Gravesham: a thriving and sustainable local economy, built on the foundations of high quality regeneration and development projects;
  • Sound and self-sufficient council: a well-run and innovative council supporting its staff to realise commercial opportunities whilst transforming its services to deliver at the best possible value for money.

To view our Corporate Plan 2015-19, please select the following link: Corporate Plan 2015-19