Gravesham Community Awards 2018

Closing Date: 23 March 2018

Do you know an individual/group or business in Gravesham who deserve to be acknowledged and recognised for making a significant contribution to the local community in a voluntary basis?

This might be someone who has:

  • Brought credit to the borough at a National/County level through academic, sporting, artistic or cultural achievement
  • Gone the extra mile to provide services and improve the quality of life for local people or an individual
  • Benefited the community through volunteering activities/fundraising
  • Such other activities which have reflected credit on or brought benefits to the town or its people

Implementation: Gravesham Borough Council has been running an Award scheme since 2008 and we have presented in the region of 70 awards so far. This year's scheme will run from 11 December 2017 with a deadline of 23 March 2018 so that a presentation of the Awards can take place at Mayor Making/Annual Council on 8 May 2018.

Who can be nominated?

All nominees must either live, work or study in the borough of Gravesham. Their work or involvement must be in a voluntary capacity. Councillors or members of staff cannot be nominated.

Who will choose the winners?

There will be an independent panel consisting of The Mayor, one Conservative Councillor, one Labour Councillor as well as a number of people holding respected positions within the community including a young member of the community.

In reaching their decisions the panel will consider:

  • The level of commitment shown
  • Any obstacles that had to be overcome
  • The amount of benefit derived by the community or an individual
  • The number of people benefited or affected
  • Length of commitment
  • Such other matters that in the opinion of the Panel promote the purpose of the scheme

What does the winner receive?

The winner will receive a glass award presented by the Mayor, Councillor Harold Craske together with a photo taken with the Mayor. The Awards will be presented at Mayor Making/Annual Council on 8 May 2018 followed by a buffet reception and an opportunity to meet councillors, staff and other award winners. The Awards provide an opportunity to promote the Borough Council and the Award winner in the local media.

Make a nomination

Please make your nomination by using our online form. Nominations will close on 23 March 2018.