All dogs must be microchipped and wear a collar and tag whilst in a public place. All chips must be registered with the chip database and the details kept up to date.

If you lose your dog and it has been microchipped, a vet or the kennels can call the microchip database and get your details so they can contact you direct. If the details are not up to date they will not be able to contact you.

Remember - it is both a legal requirement to have your dog chipped and to keep the database up to date. Failure to do this may lead to a fine of £500.

Collar and tag

When outside of the home, your dog must wear a collar with a tag with your contact details on it. If it has a collar and tag on, it is likely that a finder will return it to you rather than handing it in as a stray.

Not only will you and your dog be reunited much quicker, if you get your dog back direct from the finder, it will also mean that you will not have to pay the costs incurred by your dog for transportation, kennelling, vets fees etc. and the £25 penalty fee as you would if it were handed in as a stray.

Failure to ensure your dog has a collar and identification tag with your name and address inscribed on it, when it is in a public place, can lead to a fine of up to £5000. It is recommended not to put the name of the dog on the tag as this may assist someone in falsely claiming or stealing your dog.

Microchipping of puppies

It is the responsibility of the breeder to get the dog microchipped by a suitably qualified professional, as it must be done by eight weeks after birth and it is not possible to rehome before eight weeks. Any health exemptions must be supported by a veterinary certificate. The details must be recorded on a compliant database.

The breeder must be registered as the first keeper and ideally will update the database with the details of the puppy’s first owner. If they don’t however, the new owner must update the database themselves.

If the person selling the puppies has not had them chipped before the age of 8 weeks we recommend that you get your puppy from a more conscientious breeder.

Microchipping of rescue dogs

All rescues and dog’s homes are legally obliged to ensure a dog is microchipped before it goes to its new home.