We can collect your garden waste for a small annual fee. The service runs all year (except over Christmas and New Year). There are two types of container to choose from:

  • 240 litre bin (most popular) – this is the same size as the wheeled recycling bins
  • 140 litre bin – smaller version of the wheeled recycling bin

How much does it cost?

The 240 litre bin costs £54.00 for a 12-month subscription and the 140 litre bin costs £37.00 for a 12-month subscription.

We'll send you a renewal reminder (usually by email) before the expiry of your subscription inviting you to renew. You can pay online using a debit or credit card.

Who can have a garden bin?

To have a garden waste bin, you must:

  • Already use wheeled bins for your rubbish and recycling
  • Be able to store the bin on your property and not on the road or pavement
  • Be able to easily wheel the bin to your normal collection point (usually the front of your property)

If you can't easily wheel the bin to your normal collection point, you may still be eligible for a garden waste bin but you'll need to use our assisted collection service. You can apply for this service when placing your order.

What can I put in a garden bin?

  • Hedge cuttings
  • Cut flowers
  • Plants
  • Grass cuttings
  • Prunings (any branch/twig up to 8cm diameter)
  • Leaves
  • Weeds
  • Dead plants
  • Bark and wood waste from a tree

Please note that soil/compost/earth/peat is classed as hardcore and not garden waste. Bins containing soil/compost/earth/peat will not be collected.

How often is the bin collected?

We collect garden waste once every two weeks and is collected on the same day as your recycling.

If you're already using the service and can't remember your collection day you can check your bin day online

Please note that garden waste bins can only be collected from the property that signed up to the service.

What you need to do on collection day

Put your bin in your normal collection place (usually the front of your property) by 7am on the day of your collection. It will be collected by 4pm and you don't need to be in when we come to empty it.

If we have arranged an assisted collection with you then leave your bin at the agreed collection point.

Please note that your bin lid must be no more than 8cm open.

How to sign up

You can sign up and pay for your garden bin online using a debit or credit card. The form takes around 5 minutes to complete and once we've received your order, we'll deliver your bin within 10 working days.

The form will ask you to:

  • Agree to the Terms and Conditions of our garden waste service
  • Provide your name and address
  • Select the type of bin you would like
  • Make your payment.

Please ensure that you read our Garden Waste Terms and Conditions before signing up to the service.

Information for existing subscribers

Find information if you are an existing subscriber of the garden waste service. Including: 

  • How to renew your subscription
  • How to cancel your subscription
  • How to add a new bin to your subscription
  • What to do if you're moving home
  • Changing your bin size

Other ways to recycle garden waste

Did you know you can recycle your garden waste at home by composting?

  • The importance of composting
  • How to compost at home
  • Using the compost you make

Find information about recycling from Recycle Now

Home composting products

You can also take advantage of reduced priced environmental products such as home compost bins, water butts, food waste digesters. 

Pepperhill tip

You can also take your unwanted items to the Pepperhill Household Waste and Recycling Centre run by Kent County Council. Visit their website to see what items you can take to the tip.