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When do we pay you?

Last updated on: 09-Apr-2021

4. How do we work out your rent?

Housing benefit is calculated using weekly rents. So, if you pay rent per calendar month we will work out how much rent you pay each week over a year:

  • First we use the rent charged per calendar month
  • We then times that number by 12 to get a yearly amount
  • Then we divide the yearly amount by 52 to get a weekly amount. Whatever this figure is, this is the rent we use.

To help us work out your benefit quickly, we need evidence of your income, savings, National Insurance Number, the job you do and some ID to be given in with your Benefit application form.

Make sure you return the form to us even if you can't give us all the evidence and information we need, as you could lose any benefit you may be entitled to. Remember to give us as much information as you can but let us know the earliest date when you will provide the additional information. If we need to contact you for more information you'll get 14 days to get back to us. If we don't hear from you or we don't receive the information we asked for we'll make a second request and give you another 14 days.  If you continue to fail to give us information to support your application your claim will stop and you'll have to start again from the beginning.


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