Pay your Council Tax

Last updated on: 26-Apr-2021

8. Pay over 12 months

Your Council Tax is usually paid over 10 months, giving you two months in the year you don't have to pay. This is normally February and March.

You also have the opportunity to pay over 12 months, which means your monthly payments will be slightly lower.

If you want to switch to paying over 12 months you'll need to tell us. Remember to include the following details when getting in touch with us:

  • Council Tax reference number (this can be found on your bill)
  • Full name
  • Address

If you're able to tell us before 1 April then you'll be able to pay over 12 months. If you apply after 1 April we can only give you the number of months left until March the following year. Once you have applied to pay across all 12 months it will continue until you tell us you want to stop.


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