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Last updated on: 09-Apr-2021

1. Overview

Things you need to know

If you're not happy with something and you want to complain there are some things you need to know first.

If your complaint, or part of your complaint, relates to one of the categories below, it will be outside our complaints procedure. If this is the case, we will tell you what you need to do.

  • If it's an initial request for a service. For example to report fly-tipping, report a missed bin or something else that's service related
  • Complaints where there is already an appeal process in place. For example refusal of planning permission, a parking ticket or entitlement to Housing Benefit
  • Complaints about our policies. For example charging structure or decision to close a service
  • Complaints about decisions or actions associated with carrying out regulatory powers for example hygiene audit of food premises
  • Complaints where the customer should appeal to a court or tribunal for example overpayment of Housing Benefit
  • Complaints that have already been investigated through the procedure and where no fresh evidence is provided

You can visit the contact us pages for easy to find topics of most requested services, any online forms you may need, further information and how to get further support. If after contacting the department concerned, you still have a complaint about the way a council service has failed to meet expected standards or if something has gone wrong, a complaint should be registered.

Make a complaint

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Complaint procedure

We deal with all complaints professionally and in a courteous and timely manner. If you put in a formal complaint this is how we will deal with it.

  • Stage One - In the first instance, complaints will be dealt with by the section responsible for the service. Every effort will be made to get the matter sorted at stage one.
  • Stage Two - If it has not been possible to get something done at stage one you have the right to appeal the decision with the Director of the service involved.
  • Stage Three - If you remain unhappy, the matter may be referred to the Chief Executive for review.

For any complaint you give us you'll get an acknowledgement within five working days. Our standard procedure is to investigate and send a full response within a further ten working days.

Sometimes this can take longer, for example if a site visit is required. If this is the case then we'll send you a reply explaining the reason for delay and the date when a full response ought to arrive. This timescale applies to all stages of the procedure.


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