Our policy has changed for repairs to fences. View our fencing page for more information.

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Housing repairs

Last updated on: 09-Apr-2021

8. Fencing repairs

Whilst meeting our responsibility to carry out fencing repairs to our socially rented properties, the need to use more efficient forms of fencing and reduce the cost of fencing works needed to be satisfied. 

It has been decided to withdraw the previous approach of delivering fencing repairs to all tenants and instead, to provide funded fencing repairs only to tenants meeting specific criteria.

The criteria which justify us funding fencing repairs are:

  • tenants over 65 years of age
  • registered disabled tenants
  • tenants whose fence backs onto an alleyway or public footpath where a lack of fencing could compromise tenant safety

All other fencing works will be the responsibility of the tenant, who will be expected to replace the fencing themselves or, they can ask us to undertake the works on their behalf and they will then be recharged the cost of the works.

In order to reduce the cost of fencing works to us, alternative types of fencing, such as galvanized or plastic coated chain link fencing will be used. Where a tenant desires a more expensive type of fencing, they will be at liberty to replace the existing fencing at their own cost, providing that permission has been obtained from us to do so.


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