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Housing repairs

Last updated on: 09-Apr-2021

3. Our duties and repair responsibilities as a landlord

Gravesham Borough Council is responsible for keeping the structure and outside of the property in good repair, including:

  • External walls, external doors, external window frames and sills;
  • Drains, gutters, external pipes;
  • Access paths and steps to individual properties;
  • The roof and chimney (but not sweeping);
  • The internal structure
  • External decoration

Keeping in a good state of repair and proper working order:

  • Installations for the supply of water, gas, electricity and sanitation. The service up to and including the gas and electrical meter is the responsibility of the service provider, unless the mains supply outside the home is owned by the council
  • Installations for room and water heating fitted by the council
  • Lifts, rubbish chutes and shared lighting serving the building or estate.
  • Disabled adaptations that have been installed by the council (if the person for whom the adaptation was originally fitted no longer resides in the property, or the adaptation is no longer required, the council reserves the right to decide on an appropriate solution)
  • Fences and gates which are the council’s responsibility to maintain and serves a purpose.

The council will not repair or replace a part or item if the tenant has removed it from the property without giving the council the opportunity to repair it, for example a door that needs replacing but has been disposed of.

What we're not responsible for:

  • Faults on cookers or cooker connections – if we inspect and find these faults your appliance will be condemned and capped off.
  • The failure of gas companies too supply gas
  • Faults on domestic electrical appliances, such as kettles and fridges
  • The failure of electricity companies to supply electricity or maintain their equipment
  • We are responsible for the water supply distribution pipe work from the water company main supply pipe to the internal property supply points which you connect to appliances and fittings that use water inside your home
  • Repairs caused by misuse or neglect of the property by residents and residents' visitors to the property.


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