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Gambling permits

Last updated on: 09-Apr-2021

1. Overview

Gambling permits are required when premises provide a gambling facility but either the stakes and prizes are very low or gambling is not the main function of the premises. The permits regulate gambling and the use of gaming machines in a specific premises.

Do I need a gambling permit to have gaming machines?

Licensed alcohol premises with a bar have an automatic entitlement to two category C or D gaming machines (see the Gaming Permits Guidance Notes for the maximum stakes and prizes allowed).

If you wish to make use of this automatic entitlement then you need to provide us with a notice of your intention to do so, and enclose the fee of £50.

You should submit your notice and fee to:

Licensing, Gravesham Borough Council, Civic Centre, Windmill Street, Gravesend, Kent, DA12 1AU

Under what circumstances would I need to apply for a gambling permit?

  • If you are a licensed alcohol premises and wish to have more than two gaming machines, you will need a permit.
  • If you are an unlicensed Family Entertainment Centre and wish to have Category D gaming machines on the premises, you will need a permit.
  • If you are a Members Club or Miners' Welfare Institute, and wish to have gaming machines, you will need a permit.

For further information please view the Gaming Permits Guidance Notes.


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