To apply to get on the Housing Register you will have to fill in an online application form and then provide evidence to support your application and confirm your circumstances.

Apply to get on the Housing Register

Before you apply, you'll need to check you’ve got everything you need. As part of the application we’ll ask for:

  • National Insurance numbers for anyone over 16
  • all addresses you’ve lived at during the last six years (including postcodes), and the name and contact details for the landlord of the address(es) (if applicable)*

*If you were ‘no fixed abode’ at any time, please provide a care of address where you could have been contacted.

You’ll also need to upload evidence that proves your circumstances, such as:

Proof of Identity

  • Two documents as proof of ID for yourself and your partner. For example birth certificate, passport or driving licence. (One of the documents must have a photo).

  • Proof of identity for each person that wishes to be housed with you. For example birth certificate, passport or driving licence.


  • A passport sized photo for the main applicants

Proof of Address

  • Proof of address. For example a utility bill, bank statement or tenancy agreement for each adult applying.

Proof of Children

  • Proof that any children you wish to be housed with you are resident at your address

Proof of Income

  • Your three most recent payslips if you are employed or proof of benefits if you are not employed.

Proof of Home Ownership

  • If you currently own property we will need to see information relating to the amount of financial interest that you have in the property.
  • If you have owned property within the last 10 years we will need to see a financial statement relating to the sale of the property.

If you’re unable to upload this evidence when you make your application, you can return later to provide this. But we won’t be able to assess your application until all supporting documents are received. 

ou can send us originals or copies of these documents and we'll send back any originals that are sent. If you do send us copies you'll have to supply the originals later down the line when your application is being processed. You can pop your evidence into the Gateway at the Civic Centre, or email them to

Once registered you will be placed in one of the four bands on the waiting list, if you need to move for the following reasons:

  • Overcrowding
  • The need to move to a smaller property
  • For medical reasons, for example, if you are elderly and can no longer manage the stairs
  • Because your home is in disrepair
  • Harassment
  • Domestic violence
  • Anti-social behaviour

If you're already a housing association tenant in the borough you can apply to go onto the Housing Register, however most landlords will only allow you to move as long as you're not in arrears with your rent and have lived in the property in a satisfactory manner.