Apply for a HMO Licence

How much does the licence cost?

A fee of £540 will be charged for licensing properties containing up to 8 persons. An additional fee of £50 will be charged for each additional occupant above this.

Apply for or renew your HMO licence

The HMO application process is split into two parts. After completion of Part 1, your submission will be checked by a Private Sector Housing Officer. You will be notified of the check’s outcome via email.

Once notification has been sent, you’ll be invited to complete Part 2 of your application which includes payment of the licence fee.

We have a HMO Licensing guide with some further information.

You can apply for or renew your licence using our online form below.

Further information

We are under a duty to take over the management of any properties which cannot be licensed, either because of their condition or because the manager is not a fit and proper person, by making firstly an Interim and then a Final Management Order. The Final Management Order can last for a period of up to 5 years. The owner of the property has a right to appeal to a Residential Property Tribunal against the decision of the council to make a Management Order.

The effect of the Management Order is to allow us to step into the role of the manager to bring the property up to standard. We must keep accounts for the property and pay back to the owner any excess of income over expenditure. Equally, where the rent payments do not meet the cost of works needed to maintain the property then the difference can be reclaimed from the owner.

Relevant Legislation

Applications are made under the relevant legislations and it is a condition of the licence to abide by those legislations above. The Act regulates to make provision about housing conditions; to regulate houses in multiple occupation and certain other residential accommodation.