Planning enforcement and reporting a breach

Planning enforcement is the investigation of alleged breaches of planning control and, where a breach of planning control is identified, the aim is to resolve these using the most appropriate action. Gravesham Borough Council is responsible for enforcing control for all planning enforcement matters other than planning enforcement matters that fall within the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation’s remit and planning enforcement matters relating to minerals or waste disposal which are the responsibility of Kent County Council.

Our planning enforcement team deal with any alleged planning breach reported to them. This includes complaints about developments taking place without planning permission or building works and change of use of land or buildings.

The council has adopted a Planning Enforcement Strategy. This gives advice on what a breach of planning control involves, and how an investigation will be conducted. It also sets out the type of planning breaches that are considered to be a priority for action.

View the accessible Planning Enforcement Strategy

Report a planning breach

To report a breach, we need:

  • the address of the breach
  • type of breach such as erection of a building or structure, advertisement or change of use
  • your name and address
  • a detailed description of the breach

Details of who is reporting a breach are kept confidential. We will tell you of the outcome once we've looked into it.

You can complete our online form to report a suspected planning breach

What happens next?

Once an alleged breach of planning control is made to the Council, the Council will consider the matter in line with the Council’s adopted Planning Enforcement Strategy.