HMO Amnesty

From 22 January 2024 to 22 March 2024 we are running a HMO Amnesty campaign. We are giving landlords the opportunity to work with us to ensure all the necessary documentation is in place to operate legally and without the fear of prosecution, before checks are carried out in the Borough later this year.

Read our news article for more information.

Don't run the risk. Get licenced.

Private tenants

Find what do if your house is in disrepair, and how to deal with harassment or illegal eviction.

Private landlords

Your responsibilities as a landlord, and how to join the Gravesham Better Homes Scheme.

Empty properties

Advice and assistance to bring empty homes back into use.

Houses in multiple occupancy (HMO)

Find out how to apply for a licence for a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO)

Grants and assistance

Find out about grants and assistance that may be available such as Disabled Facilities Grant.

Housing enforcement

Find out how we enforce the conditions of private rented accommodations.

UK Entry inspections

Find out about UK Entry accommodation inspections and how to request one.

Imposing housing financial penalties

Find out how financial penalties will be used as an alternative to prosecution for certain housing offences.

GBC Lettings

We have launched our own social lettings agency, GBC lettings, to work with private sector landlords in tackling the record numbers of local families living in temporary accommodation.

We are looking to sign up private sector landlords who will take households directly from temporary accommodation.

In return, the council is offering a fully managed service including:

  • Guaranteed payment of rent on the first of each month;
  • Support through the process of turning properties around between tenants;
  • Guaranteed tenant within two weeks of a property being ready to let;
  • A minimum of four visits a year from council officers to check on properties;
  • A designated council officer for support and advice;
  • Support in understanding and complying with the ever-changing regulations landlords are bound by.

Find out more about GBC Lettings.