Most properties in the borough have a 240 litre recycling bin (black with a green lid). If you don't have room for a recycling bin, or live in an area that can't be reached by our regular bin lorries, you will use clear sacks for your recycling.

What you should put in your recycling bin

You can find full information on what can and can't be recycled on the Recycle Now website

When will it be collected?

Your recycling is collected every other week. You can find out what day your recycling is collected on by using our Bin collection day checker.

Remember to put your bin out by 7am on your collection day.

What if your bin is full before collection day?

You can flatten large boxes and put them next to your bin and we'll pick them up. Any other recycling can be put in a cardboard box and left next to your bin for collection.

What happens to recycling after its collected?

Approximately 6,500 tonnes of recycling is collected from Gravesham households each year. This goes to a Materials Recycling Facility in Crayford to be sorted.

Once the materials are sorted they are sent for reprocessing, to be made into products such as cameras, irons or new food tins.