Transitional rate relief

The purpose of transitional relief is to phase in gradually any changes to your rates following a revaluation. The 2017 revaluation took effect from 1 April 2017. The next revaluation will be April 2021 and three yearly thereafter.

After a revaluation, many business rates payers see their rates rise or fall significantly. Without transitional relief, it would be very difficult for businesses to plan ahead.

To calculate your transitional relief we will take the amount you paid last year, this is called your base liability, and apply a percentage, this is called an appropriate fraction. This is prescribed by the government. We then adjust this to take account of the rate of inflation. The result is to limit the amount by which your rates can increase or decrease each year.

The transitional relief rules are very complex and this is only a simplified summary. If you qualify for this relief, our system will automatically calculate it, so you won't need to contact us to apply for it.