Retail and Nursery discounts

If you were in receipt of one of the Retail or Nursery discounts for 2020-21 you have automatically been credited with the relevant discount as announced by the Chancellor at the Budget on 3 March 2021.

This 100% discount will only apply for 3 months until 30 June 2021.

Prior to the 100% discount ending on 30 June 2021, you will receive a revised Business Rates bill.

This will include the 66% discount if you are eligible, and instalments will be payable from July 2021.

The 66% discount applicable from 1 July 2021 is subject to a ‘cash cap’. This means a business may only receive up to the following cash caps of these discounts in 2021-22, ignoring any discount for the period before 1 July 2021 but across all of your business properties:

Recipient of Retail Discount

  • £2 million for ratepayers which were mandated by the Government to close their business on 5 January 2021 due to the pandemic
  • £105,000 for all other ratepayers

Read the full guidance on Retail Discount on the GOV.UK website

Recipient of Nursery Discount

  • £105,000 for all ratepayers

Read the full guidance on Nursery Discount on the GOV.UK website

Opting Out of Retail and Nursery Discount

If you do not wish to receive a retail or nursery discount, please email to receive a revised bill.

If you opt out of Retail or Nursery Discount, you will be charged 100% business rates for the whole year.

Please report any changes to your business promptly by emailing as this may affect the amount of discount you receive.