Apply for a Club Premises certificate

How much does it cost?

Fees are based on the rateable value of the property where the certificate will be applied. If you need to find your property's rateable value, please visit the Valuation Office Agency website.

Fees relating to rateable values.
Rateable Value Band Fees Annual Fee
No rateable value to £4300 A £100 £70
£4300 to £33,000 B £190 £180
£33,001 to £87,000 C £315 £295
£87,001 to £125,000 D £450 £320
£125,001 and above E £635 £350

A multiplier is applied to premises in Bands D and E where they are exclusively or primarily in the business of selling alcohol (mainly large town centre and city centre pubs)

Fees for bands D and E
Band D(x2) E(x3)
City / town centre pub application fee £900 £1,905
City / town centre pub annual charge £640 £1,050

How do I apply?

  1. Before applying, please first consult the application guidance notes.
  2. Complete and sign the Application for a Club Premises Certificate.
  3. Complete and sign the Declaration for a Club Premises Certificate.
  4. Enclose a set of plans of the premises set out in accordance with the regulations (see above guidance notes).
  5. Enclose a copy of the club rules.
  6. In completing Part 2 of the form you are required to submit your operating schedule and in particular the steps you intend to take in order to promote the licensing objectives. For guidance, you may wish to refer to our Statement of Licensing Policy.
  7. Advertise your application in accordance with the regulations (see above guidance notes).
  8. Pay the relevant fee using our online form
  9. Submit your application, with the correct fee, to: Licensing, Gravesham Borough Council, Civic Centre, Windmill Street, Gravesend, Kent DA12 1AU
  10. Submit copies of the application to all Responsible Authorities.