What is environmental enforcement

We all have a responsibility to look after our environment and the place that we live. That includes ensuring that our waste and rubbish is disposed of safely and lawfully. Plastics and other materials are harmful to the environment and can take decades to breakdown. Even once broken down, these can even still contaminate the land and pose a danger to wildlife and the environment.

It is a criminal offence to dispose of your waste irresponsibly. We use our delegated responsibility to investigate incidents of environmental crime, including littering, fly-tipping, dog fouling and abandoned vehicles. Our Environmental Enforcement Officers will use their powers when needed against environmental crime.

All alleged offences will be investigated to ascertain more information. Our investigations are carried out in compliance with legislation and codes of practise. Our officers will examine documentation and enter suspected premises associated with environmental crime to investigate possible offenders further relating to the storage handling and transport of controlled waste. Whilst our officers have no power to stop and detain vehicles, we will work with Clem please who can use their powers to do so on behalf of the authority. It is important that offences of fly tipping are reported to allow the environmental enforcement team to investigate.

Do your part to help against environmental crime

If you witnessed someone fly-tipping it is important that you report it and include details such as the vehicle and description of the person(s). This will allow officers to identify the offender and take enforcement action.

To ensure that you protect our environment always dispose of litter and other waste lawfully and responsibly.

  • Litter should be placed in a bin, or taken home for disposal.
  • Use the household collection service correctly. Find out more information about bin day collections
  • Use our Bulky Collection Service for removal of large items like beds, fridge freezers and bikes.