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Last updated on: 09-Apr-2021

10. Peer Challenge

In October 2019, we invited a team of Peers from the Local Government Association (LGA) to undertake a Corporate Peer Challenge. The main purpose of the peer challenge was to help provide a corporate overview, an external check and reassurance that what we're doing, and planning to do, looks relevant and realistic.

The Peer Challenge focused on five core areas, as well as looking specifically at Planning and Housing Delivery. The five core areas for review were:

  • Understanding of the local place and priority setting: does the council understand its local context and place and use that to inform a clear vision and set of priorities?
  • Leadership of ‘place’:  does the council provide effective leadership of place through its elected members, officers and constructive relationships and partnerships with external stakeholders?
  • Financial planning and viability: does the council have a financial plan in place to ensure long term viability and is there evidence that it is being implemented successfully
  • Organisational leadership and governance: is there effective political and managerial leadership supported by good governance and decision-making arrangements that respond to key challenges and enable change and transformation to be implemented?
  • Capacity to deliver: is organisational capacity aligned with priorities and does the council influence, enable and leverage external capacity to focus on agreed outcomes?

In January 2020 we received the final report from the LGA. This provided some very positive feedback about the council as a whole, and also identified a number of areas where we could further improve. These recommendations have been reviewed and an action plan developed to show our commitment to further progress our improvement journey. Both the council’s Management Team and Cabinet have signed up to delivery of the action plan.


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