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Local Plan

Last updated on: 09-Apr-2021

2. Gravesham Local Plan Core Strategy

The Local Plan Core Strategy is the main document in the Gravesham Local Plan. Its role is to:

  • Set out a long-term vision for the future of Gravesham based on evidence of what's needed to support communities and also what makes Gravesham a distinctive and attractive place to live and work.
  • Guide the amount, type, location and detailed design of future development and provide a consistent basis against which we can decide planning applications.
  • Support other priorities such as our regeneration proposals, investment in infrastructure, our work to support local businesses and encourage job creation and our efforts to promote healthy communities.

The Local Plan Core Strategy and Policies Map can be downloaded using the following links:

Please note that we need to interpret policies CS18 (Climate Change) and CS19 (Development and Design Principles) in accordance with the new housing technical standards. You can view the implications in our Housing Standards Policy Statement.

Local Plan 5 Year Review

National Planning Policy Framework (2019) sets out that policies within adopted local plans should be reviewed to assess whether they need updating once every five years, and updated as necessary. Reviews should be completed no later than 5 years from the adoption date of a plan.

The Borough’s Local Plan Core Strategy was adopted by the Council on 30 September 2014. The Local Plan 5 Year Review September 2019 can be downloaded using the link below:

Planning Inspector's Report

The Planning Inspector's Report on our Local Plan Core Strategy, and their recommended Main Modifications, can be downloaded using the link below:

Further information

The Local Plan Core Strategy examination documents, including the technical studies, the matter statements and the examination information are all available on our Evidence page.

If you'd like further advice or information, please contact the Planning Policy Team on 01474 33 76 03 or email


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