You can view planning applications online through our Public Access Service.

You can also register for an account on Public Access which will allow you to:

  • Submit comments about planning applications
  • Track planning applications
  • Save searches

How to search for a planning application

You can search for planning applications and appeals by keyword, application reference, postcode or by a single line of an address.

You can track a planning application if you register and enter your contact details. You will also be able to view weekly or monthly lists of applications we have received.

The 'Public Access for planning' system allows you to:

  • Search for planning applications, appeals and enforcements
  • Monitor progress of planning applications
  • View weekly lists of planning applications and decisions
  • View many historic applications. Please not they may occasionally show as new as we transfer older applications to digital to archive.

Comment on current planning applications

Prior to commenting on a planning application please read our privacy notice.

To submit your comments online, you will need to register with the site by entering your contact details on online planning searches.

We encourage you to comment within 3 weeks of the date the application became valid. Please note that your comments will be added to the application file, made available for public enquiry and will be viewable on our website. We cannot treat your comments as confidential.

Once you have registered and made your comment, you can choose to receive an email to acknowledge this. Simply tick the box at the bottom of the online system before you submit.

By using the online planning system, you agree to the terms and conditions.

When will we consult

Whilst not all applications require public consultation, the majority of planning applications are subject to some form of mandatory consultation. This normally lasts 21 days and can include one or more of the following, depending on the nature of the application and the legal requirements:

  • A neighbour notification letter sent to owner/occupiers of adjoining properties by post.
  • A site notice displayed on or near the land to which the application relates which is visible to the public.
  • An advertisement in a local newspaper
  • Re-consultation following amendments to applications may last a shorter period, and will only occur where the changes made are significant.

If you have a complaint related to any of these issues, you should normally seek a remedy under civil law rather than planning law. You may need to consult a solicitor about your rights in this context.

Ebbsfleet Development Corporation

If you are interested in an application in the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation's area, you will need to view and comment on these on the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation (EDC)website. EDC are the local planning authority for Ebbsfleet Garden City.