Book of Remembrance

We've got a beautiful, leather-bound book honouring all of Gravesham's veterans.

The information in the book includes their rank, unit or ship, service number, decorations, year of sacrifice, where they are laid to rest or where a memorial to them is located and age.

Printed on each page and corresponding to the day of their sacrifice is an alphabetical record of local people from the borough who died as a result of war or conflicts of the 20th Century.

A page of the book is turned each day so that it corresponds with the actual day of the current year.

Where no record exists of any casualties on any one day then a war poem is inserted and, where possible, corresponds to the month in question when it was written.

The book is in a lockable glass topped, green lined, oak memorial bookcase surrounded by oak posts and black ropes located in the foyer of the Civic Centre.

You can see the book during our normal opening hours or if you pre-arrange outside these times.