Memorial information

You can buy memorials directly from a stonemason or through your chosen funeral director.

Please remember all memorial work must be carried out by a stonemason to designs approved by us.

Within our cemeteries, different sections allow for four types of memorials, which are as follows:

  • Full kerb set: - memorials that cover the entire grave.
  • Headstone only: - headstones where only bulbs and bedding plants are permitted in an area 12 inches immediately in front of the plinth. This area must not be enclosed.
  • Headstone with half kerb set: - to permit a bigger, contained, planting area for bulbs and bedding plants a purpose made half kerb set can be installed.
  • Flat plaque: - a stone or bronze plaque 18" x 15" set level with grass. Where only one plaque is present bulbs and bedding plants may be planted in an unbounded area 9" wide