Cemetery charges

All fees are payable in advance and are non-vatable unless stated.

Resident fees apply to all persons living in the borough at the time of death. For those living outside the borough at this time, a qualification of at least 15 years residency in Gravesham at some time in the past is required. Where the purchase of an Exclusive Right of Burial coincides with the interment of a resident, the resident fee will apply regardless of where the owner of the right resides.

Non-resident fees of 2.5 times the resident fee apply to all persons living outside the borough at the time of death. Exceptions will be made in cases of:

A former resident who purchased a grant of exclusive right of burial whilst resident within the borough or A former resident who (within the last 5 years) was placed directly in residential care accommodation outside Gravesham without having the option of being placed in similar accommodation in Gravesham.

Purchases in advance of interment and selection of particular graves are not permitted.

Interment Fees

Other fees