Register a death

All deaths must be registered with a registrar of births and deaths in the area where the death happened. It needs to be registered within five days unless a coroner is investigating the circumstances of the death.

A death in Gravesham must be registered by Kent County Council (KCC). Find out how to register a death on KCC website.

When you register a death with Kent County Council, the registrar will tell you about their Tell Us Once service. It lets you report a death to most government organisations in one go, including us.

Once we have received the Tell Us Once notification, we will update all relevant departments. There's no need to contact us separately. Departments that are notified are Council Tax, Benefits, Electoral registration, Housing and Parking.

Council Tax, Benefits and Pensions

If, as a result of the death, you are the only adult living in a property you may be entitled to a reduction in the amount of Council Tax you pay. Take a look at our Council Tax section.

You may be entitled to claim a Funeral Payment, Bereavement Payment and Bereavement Allowance. Visit the Department for Works and Pensions website for more information.

If the person who has died receives any benefits or pensions or if you or someone else is getting any benefit or pension which included an amount for the deceased, the organisation paying the benefit or pension will need to be told.