Apply for a new premises licence

You can apply using our online form below. It takes about 15 minutes to complete. At the end of the form we'll ask you to pay by credit or debit card, so please have your card details to hand.

We'll ask you for:

  • your personal details
  • the premises details
  • a plan of the premises
  • the operating schedule, and times and details of licensable activities
  • proof of the applicants' right to live and work in the UK (view ways of providing proof). This does not affect limited companies.
  • If you intend to supply alcohol on the premises then we'll ask you to upload a completed copy of the Consent of individual to being specified as Designated Premises Supervisor form. All Premises Licence that authorises the sale of alcohol must specify a Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS). The DPS must be a Personal Licence holder.

What happens next?

Following your application, and once it has been deemed complete, you'll be required to:

  1.  Advertise your application in accordance with the regulations (see guide above)
  2.  The Licensing Authority will send your application out to all the responsible authorities. Please see the Responsible Authorities.

Applications are subject to objection by any of the responsible authorities or to representation by local residents and businesses. Any such objection or representation must be based on one of the four Licensing objectives:

Unless such objections are withdrawn, for example, following mediation, then we will hold a hearing to determine the application

If your application is refused you have the right to appeal to the Magistrates' Court within 21 days from the date you were notified of the decision.

If your application is successful

Applicants are reminded that the measures put forward in the Operating Schedule will become enforceable conditions.

Once the Premises Licence is granted the Premises Licence holder should ensure that the conditions on the licence are implemented as soon as possible.

Pro-active visits will be carried out to all premises during the year. Non compliance of the conditions on the Premises Licence will lead to action being taken against the Premises Licence holder which could involve either a review of the Licence and/or prosecution.

It is therefore of utmost importance that the Designated Premises Supervisor is familiar with the conditions on the Premises Licence.